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What is the Suprimo Event?
Dear Primers,

Let us explain in detail what is the effectiveness of Suprimo.

 Suprimo Event started 
Special stars can be found in the galaxy

TIP: You can find an example of a star in the following custom coordinates [5:67]
 Each star will bring you three different and unique bonuses.

You get a message and the event has started.

Event hours are uncertain The system automatically determines when the Suprimo activity is lost, so you have to keep your hand on the vague hand.

What does the Suprimo activity gain?

It comes to your inventory as Medium Item.
You can obtain crystal and deteryum.
In the picture below, you can find the materials you have gained from the Suprimo event.


First of all, we go to the coordinates [5:67] of the galaxy [5:67] where the coordinates are given.
In the picture below, click on the section indicated by the arrow [Special Star]


Then we select the fleet that we want to send the standard procedure and we send this activity time lasts up to 2 hours.
You can divide your fleets or you can send them in a single fleet.

Our respect,

OGame Prime Team

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